An ode to Brainpickings

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If you want to read a really powerful blog (and lose an entire afternoon), go check out Brainpickings. The following post is one that I found particularly moving and potent–I frequently reach out to my community of friends and family for artistic and creative feedback and while what I receive is always delivered with love and compassion, it sometimes lacks the exact thing I’m looking for–this is not meant to be a criticism. It’s hard to look at and talk about/tear apart something that someone else created or is in the process of creating. There’s a lot left unsaid and unexplained that the artist/maker is privy to but can’t articulate and there’s always something a little vague about what the artist/maker is really looking for when they ask “what do you think of this”


That being said, this article does manage to address a few of the things that artists and makers (myself included) feel and could benefit from when considering who and how to approach the creative critque questions.


Anyway–enjoy the read and show the folks over Brainpickings some love. They are awesome (c:


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