Another look at ‘Burn Should’

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So this article showed up in my inbox today thanks to the wonderful Austin Kleon newsletter I subscribe to–and it definitely resonated with me. The idea that the time you spend thinking about how cool something is going to be or how much attention you’ll receive or whatever grandiose payoff is waiting for you at the end of doing the thing, is actually just taking away time spent doing. the. thing.


It’s common sense but it’s a trap I fall into and I think it’s another way of looking at my “Burn Should” mantra. As an update on that front, things are going well overall. I’ve caught myself lately talking about or feeling guilty about things that I haven’t done or haven’t done to the best of my ability but generally I’ve been able to recognize the thought pattern and rephrase it in a way that either makes that thing a priority or just takes it off my list.


It’s been an on-going lesson in self-grace as well as a really stark reminder that I am great until I get overly busy and then I go from “fine” to “shitshow” with very little transition in between. I’m learning how to manage it though and while I know things are going to continue to be a bit of a wild ride over the next few weeks, it will get better.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of art-ing and new opportunities–I’ve been sewing and stitching and can’t wait to show everyone some of the progress and ideas that are being put into action for the upcoming Big Event in June!

Until then!