I found myself standing alone, in the rain, in Mexico. The temperature had dropped and the muggy air broke into a tropical rainstorm that brought cool air and a drop in pressure. The rain itself, however, was warm. My plan … Read More

Afraid of Being Afraid

This article came across my inbox today and it caught my attention: http://www.ozy.com/acumen/the-science-of-fear-and-facing-it/   I don’t really care that Samsung has a new piece of technology out to combat the science of fear (though that’s kinda cool, I guess). What interests … Read More

Actual Reasons I Love Local Business

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I’ve recently gotten into all things fermented around here–no, I won’t be offering any homebrew anytime soon (though a friend of ours does!) but I have been experimenting with sourdough starters, kefir and I’m playing with the idea of making … Read More

Let’s Talk Marketing

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As a maker in the Kansas City and in the Midwest in general, it’s hard to get the same level of attention as some of our coastal maker friends and family.   That being said, as with most things, the … Read More

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