Buddha Love

So, the gem and jewelry show happened recently…gulp. It’s always so much fun and overwhelming and expensive all at the same time. I look forward to it every year though.

This year’s was particularly interesting as there was a woman there who had some beautiful bronze and copper antique Thai Buddha heads, beads and other just really unique stuff.  I have to say, I spent too much money at her booth but it was so worth it.

In my perfect world, I would be traveling to Thailand to find my own treasures, but, for this particular moment I was quite happy to patronize her and support the work that she’s doing to make these items accessible to the rest of us.

I have lots of new pieces that I can’t wait to share with everyone at tonight’s event, Flights of Fancy at the wonderful Quixotic School of Performing Arts!  It’s going to be a really great evening filled with lots of exciting opportunities to support local artists and help the folks at ReStart.  Check out this post for some of the details!

After tonight’s event is over, I’m going to be turning my focus to next week’s Shop Local, Shop Cozy.  More details can be provided upon request.

I have some big plans for 2014 that are beginning to take place as this year works its way towards an end.  I am trying to remind myself to stay centered and rooted in the present moment, though, so as not to miss the whole month!

I look forward to seeing you all tonight and hope that you’ll stop by.