Can Anyone Believe It’s Almost Holiday Season??

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I’ve started getting items in my inbox and all over my social media profiles about how the Holiday Season is right around the corner.  And the scary thing, they’re right.  In a way–I mean, it is ONLY October 18th still, so we’ve got some time.
As a retailer and designer, I love the holiday seasons because they give me good motivation to get going on some new projects, try out new designs and experiment with my take on some of the trends.  It’s also a time that I get to share my designs and pieces with lots of new audiences.  Overall, it’s exciting and fun and something that I look forward to throughout the year.
As a person and a Yogi, however, I know how draining this time of year can be and how it can leave us all with a bitter taste in our mouth about consumerism, cheer and even family itself. I am starting early and keeping a mindful eye towards the encroaching season and preparing myself now for what I know is to come.
Many of the pieces at Unravelled, LLC are designed with some sort of wellness in mind–whether it’s through the gemstones that I chose or the color palette, I try to provide a sense of peace and calm with my pieces. I know that money can’t buy happiness, only things, but the occasional thing is OK, so long as the intent in purchasing it is clear and, in my opinion, the person making it honors and upholds the idea of conscious consumerism and isn’t trying to only fill their own pockets with your money.
If you find yourself looking around for some perfect gifts this holiday season, stop by the shop and see if anything tickles your fancy.  I also would love the opportunity to make a custom piece, just for that someone that either has everything or that you just don’t want to give the status quo to this year.
Happy shopping and stay focused.  Remember, you aren’t any good to anyone if you aren’t any good to yourself, so take a few moments to relax and nurture yourself above all.