Afraid of Being Afraid

This article came across my inbox today and it caught my attention:¬†   I don’t really care that Samsung has a new piece of technology out to combat the science of fear (though that’s kinda cool, I guess). What interests … Read More

What’s in a journal?

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So I subscribe to the lovely newsletter put out by Austin Kleon every week. It’s one of the few ones that I hold on to (which is saying a lot actually) and when this came through, I knew I had … Read More

An ode to Brainpickings

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If you want to read a really powerful blog (and lose an entire afternoon), go check out Brainpickings. The following post is one that I found particularly moving and potent–I frequently reach out to my community of friends and family … Read More

Another look at ‘Burn Should’

posted in: Artistic Process, Lifestyle 0 So this article showed up in my inbox today thanks to the wonderful Austin Kleon newsletter I subscribe to–and it definitely resonated with me. The idea that the time you spend thinking about how cool something is going to … Read More