Opening Reception July 14th 6p-9p


Hooray for new shows! I’m super excited to share with you that I’ll be having a solo show at the Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock Illinois throughout the month of July!

This will be a collection of the Done/Undone series and will have lots of NEW pieces (more on those to come). Let’s get things started with the basics:



You can check out the Old Courthouse Arts Center here to learn more about them:

Located just about an hour outside of Chicago, this gallery is in a charming area of Woodstock and has multiple artist’s spaces. I’ll be showing in the Gould Gallery and am super excited to be included in July’s lineup. There will be two other shows going on during the month of July. You can learn more about them here:



Check out this beautiful, downloadable map here of where to park if you can make it to the area! Public transit also seems pretty on point.

Woodstock Parking MapRevStar




Award-winning and International fiber artist Larissa Uredi presents her solo exhibition, “Done/Undone” at the Woodstock Old Courthouse Art Center, Woodstock, IL.

Fueled by her love of science and a fascination with entropy and chaos theory, Done/Undone is a dynamic collection of silk paintings, tapestries and mixed-media fiber fine art that discusses the volatile and raw beauty of our planet and environment.

Entropy is defined as a “lack of order or predictability” within a given system. Done/Undone seeks to explore this inherent instability present in our biological and metaphysical surroundings and explore and exploit them using a variety of traditional techniques such as hand-dyeing, embroidery and quilting while simultaneously utilizing nature’s toolkit of heat, compression and time to impact and dictate the final results.

Larissa Uredi lives and works in Kansas City but believes that Yellowstone National Park and the mountains of Montana may have stolen her heart. She’s an avid explorer, mountain biker and runner and thrives when she can be out exploring this wild world on her own two feet or set of wheels. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally and she is constantly looking for ways to wrangle her own internal sense of entropy. You can learn more about her at and see a full collection of her recent work at She may be reached at or by following her on Instagram @unravelled_kc





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