Flights of Fancy! Oh my!

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Hello everyone!

I know I’ve posted about the holiday season before but I want to take a minute and do it again.  Except instead of talking about all the crap that goes with “the holidays”, I want to bring attention to the fact that while we are all running around trying to hold on to our Holiday Cheer and getting ready for families and Thanksgiving and football games and leaf raking, there are people who are simply trying to find any meal at all to eat and a way to stay warm in the world as the months start to turn colder.

So, in an attempt to help give faces to these people and to remind everyone that the Holidays are not just about all the cool stuff we can get but all the wonderful things we can give,  I am super excited to tell you about this wonderful event happening at the Quixotic School of Performing Arts on December 6th!  (Yes, that’s First Fridays in December.  Clever eh? ).


It’s going to be a wonderful evening of charity and excitement as lots of local artists come together to help out the community and give you some unique and exciting gift opportunities for your holiday shopping pleasure (because taking care of ourselves and loved ones is also important).


We did a similar event last year at Farm to Market and it was really awesome.  This year’s event will be featuring some of last year’s favorites including:

Classy McGraceful

House of Cochon

Whitney Manning

Inner Hippie

Along with a lot of other very talented people that I can’t stuff into one blog post.


In addition to all the great shopping, we’re asking the following:

Bring any warm weather gear that you don’t need (gently used) to donate to ReStart Inc so that the kiddos and their families can stay warm this winter.

We are also hosting an “Adopt a Family” tree at the event if you want to spread the holiday cheer!


I hope to see you there!


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