Get Ready for Fall in Kansas City!

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Happy Fall everyone!

This time of year always make me excited and a little wistful.  I’m excited that we are moving into the cooler seasons–everything from the colors to the different foods and warm, comfort clothing to the fall leaves and the ubiquitous nip in the air, fills me with a sense of purpose.  For me, fall and winter are a time to get projects done and wrap things up for the season. It’s also a time of planning for what’s to come.
At the same time, however, it’s always a little shocking to me that another year has almost come to a close.  Here’s hoping that we used our play time outside well and built up lots of inspiration and motivation to carry us into the next seasons!


Fall and Winter’s exciting color palates are also just right around the corner–beautiful earthy greens, rustic oranges and nut browns are just some of the colors I’ve got floating around the studio these days.  I’m also preparing to make a whole new batch of scarves, because who doesn’t love a good scarf when the evenings turn chilly?

All of my scarves are either 100% silk or a supply blend of bamboo and rayon.  I use a combination of natural and synthetic dyes and embellish with a myriad of natural beads, Swarovski crystals and hand embroidery.

Venture over to the “Shop” page to check out some of the latest creations!

P.S. I heard about this through one of my favorite Yoga teachers:  Grab your favorite scarf and your favorite essential oil (lavender for this girl).  Dab a bit of the oil on your neck and wrists and then wrap the scarf around you to hold the scent in.  It’s a beautiful way to add a little calm to your environment!