Gratitude Check

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I was given a great reminder today to post five things that I am grateful for in this life.  So, without further adieu, I offer the following:


1. Coffee.  Really good, french pressed, homemade coffee.  I know it’s a little cliche, but there is seriously nothing better than what has become a cherished morning ritual at our home. Warming the cups and bringing the water to boil in my awesome, whistling tea kettle, grinding the beans fresh from the local coffee roasters in town and watching the whole process come together to make a really wonderful cup of coffee is something that am grateful for.


2. My art studio. I have been lucky enough the past three years to be able to support having my own, dedicated, studio space.  Having a place where I can go and work with no interruption is a real treat.  I have to stop and remind myself to not take it for granted.


3. My amazing boyfriend.  I can’t really put into words the value of this relationship, but, believe me when I say that I strive to make sure that he knows he is appreciated and truly valued.  I think guys get forgotten a lot of times when it comes to the “Gratitude” department because there’s so much hype about the female expectations (we should be supported, loved, nurtured, cultivated).  I don’t want to ever forget that he also needs those things.


4. Mountain Biking, climbing and general playing outdoors.  So yes, it’s three things in one but the gist is the same–I am grateful that I have the ability, skill, health, drive and physicality that allows me to get outside and PLAY.  Nothing beats a romp in the snow, an awesome run down a mountain bike singletrack trail or a good, old fashioned trail run in the sunshine.


5. Music.  I try to make a point to always be surrounded by good music wherever I go–work, studio, my daily commute.  It’s something that I really value and am grateful for the opportunity to explore.  I love the moments when  a great song comes on and I get to really sink into it and enjoy it for what it’s worth.  It’s a small stolen moment sometimes in the hectic-crazy of everyday life.