Hello 2015

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So, we are two or so weeks into 2015 and so far, everything is going great! Resolutions are in place (one of which was to not make any more promises or goals for myself that I didn’t think I could keep), work is flowing in and everything is buzzing with potential.

In my efforts this year to continue to make valuable connections and find other awesome and amazing artists out in the world, I’ve stumbled upon some real gems–the latest of which is Daft Crafts art blog. Swing over and check them out if you haven’t already–they continue to provide some great resources and funky, funny art (monsters!) as well as writing prompts and this wonderful thing called the #HappyHandmade week!

While I’m definitely looking forward, I can’t neglect the desire to reflect on 2014 and all of the experiences and lessons that I learned, both about myself and my creative work. It felt like the year flew by because of the preparation for ArtPrize–I spent most of the first half of the year working on my body of work as a whole–I finished two commissions, organized and wrapped up some unfinished paintings that I had started and began the process of trying to dissect and figure out my visual voice. It was a lot and it resulted in a lot of long hours and I’m nowhere near finished, but the effort was worth it.

Once June hit I started work on the actual ArtPrize pieces–the act of learning how to anodize titanium at that scale was overwhelming but also amazing. I spent the next 6 months honing skills and learning how to use acid etching baths, my new anodizer and (re)learning the process of true experimentation and “sketching”.

I’ve always been very impatient when it comes to my work and I’d gotten out of the habit of making thumbnails or color studies before just jumping straight in to whatever project I wanted to create. The reality is, however, that with Titanium, you can’t do that.

You have to experiment. And practice. and Experiment some more. The process itself is a bit unruly and it forces you to work backwards–instead of laying down the background, middle ground and foreground images in the standard order, you have to work in reverse.

The pieces themselves turned out beautifully, despite some harrowing moments where I was convinced they were ruined. As we move into 2015 I am super excited to continue the learning and experimenting process with this beautiful medium. It’s really a fascinating process and I’m excited to see where it leads.

How’s your 2015 shaping up? What did you learn from 2014?