I think I’m ready for one of these…

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The Liberating Magic Of The Brain Dump


A brain dump! I love them and I need them and it’s often when I need them the most that I stop doing them…kind of like yoga. Or eating things don’t contain 45 grams of sugar. But I digress. Things have been really hectic around the studio and the shop lately. It’s a good kind of hectic–we’re hoping to buy a house, trying to get a few MAJOR projects off the ground, evaluate inventory and make some strategic decisions about what to do with brands and collections as we move into Spring…all sorts of exciting stuff. But, the reality is that when you get so many exciting and interesting things happening all at once, your (or at least my) brain tries to explode with all the unfinished business, all the incomplete thoughts, everything.


And so, I hereby decree that I will be committing an act of brain dumping tonight before I go to bed. It’s time and I could use the mental clarity I know they bring to get some sleep.

Personally, I like to set the stage for this sort of activity a bit–usually it involves making sure that any lingering things are taken care of for the day (little stuff like making sure I have everything ready for Monday and things like that) and then sitting down with my favorite notebook, journal and pen. I usually do this in bed–for me it reminds me of when I was a little kid and used to spend time reading in bed or having a few moments before having to go to sleep that I really enjoyed.

When this gem of an email newsletter finally got my attention this evening, I figured I’d have to share. It’s really easy to let all of the good and positive things happening in life turn into burdens of their own because there’s just so many little details to keep together.


So, here’s to brain dumping and finding the relief that getting everything out of our brains and onto something concrete brings!