It’s Getting Busy Around the Studio

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Things are starting to get busy around the studio–which is always cause for celebration for me.  I love having several projects going at the same time so I always have something to work on.  This month and next month are both going to be filled with some truly awesome and special events.

More of those to come but first–November is always one of my favorite months because the bead shows start showing up in town.  So that was definitely a thing that happened over the weekend.  I got some truly beautiful autumn-colored Tourmaline sapphires that I can’t wait to start creating with.

I have been working on scarves lately too as we move into the chillier months–I’m in the midst of three right now and I am working on getting them wrapped up as we speak.

I’ve also been taking some time to look at some inspiration–the fall colors and some of my favorite artists have definitely been fueling the fire.

Stay tuned for an update of events and happenings around Unravelled!