My First Blogging Conference! Go Blog Social 2014.


So, I had a pretty exciting weekend!  Not only did we get great weather, but I got to join in the fun at my first ever blogging conference. This year’s Go Blog Social was held at The Berg Event Space at 15th and Grand in downtown Kansas City and featured some of the top bloggers from the Midwest and around the area.


While not all of the topics covered were 100% relevant to what I do here at Unravelled, I will say that being exposed to all of the interesting and exciting things that OTHER people blog about and invest their time and energy in was awesome.  I got to meet a ton of new people and bloggers, make connections with some Kansas City natives that I wouldn’t have had the chance to interface with and ultimately, talk about and listen to the passions that keep us going and keep us creating beautiful, handcrafted, intelligent and interesting content.


Overall, it was a fantastic time. I am sad to say that I missed the first half of the Friday event, but today’s speakers more than made up for it I think. The latter half of Friday was also really inspiring and exciting and I really enjoyed the chance to mix and mingle with some of these fine bloggers.


The most valuable information that I got from this year’s Go Blog Social event was about how to take what you do and turn it into a product–and I don’t mean like jewelry or pillows or accessories–but more of a digital product.  Something that can educate, inspire and share not only what you do, but your expertise, with people over and over again. It’s something that I’ve thought about in the past but hearing the keynote speaker today really drove home the importance and excitement of it.


I also heard a wonderful talk from the Corporate Blogger for Staples Promotional Products. She talked about the challenges of filtering and finding your voice as a business and as a brand and also the importance of good, helpful, educational content.


I think that most of the things she said rings true for all blogs–if I can’t learn something from you, about you or about myself through your blog posts, I don’t want to read them.


I have more to say and I will try to condense my thoughts further, but, until then, go check out some of these awesome bloggers and find GoBlogSocial on Social Media to find out more information about how you can join in the fun next year!