The Gallery of Lost Things: Hardbound Coffee Table Book
The Gallery of Lost Things: Hardbound Coffee Table Book

Experience The Gallery of Lost Things from wherever you are—this beautiful, full-color, hardbound coffee table book gives you a deep dive into the processes and a “behind-the-scenes” look at the artwork, the artist, as well as awe-inspiring aerial and on-site photography by the talented Benjamin James.  Partial proceeds from each sale will go to benefit, a powerful non-profit working globally and locally to preserve and protect our world’s most precious resource—water.

As a fiber artist, the value of water is not lost on me. I rely on fresh, clean, water to dye fabrics, clean my tools, and keep the coffee pot going strong. On a serious note, however, water is a vital and crucial resource that must be respected and preserved in our day and age of industrialization and globalization. Purchase a book today for yourself as well as for your friends and family and support the arts in your community while multiplying your impact.

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