Small Acts of Love

And we’re 10 days into the new year! We’ve made it to our Colorado skiing vacation and I really can’t be more excited to get out and play in the snow.


As is typical, I get really contemplative on long car rides and this one was no different. Aside from just being astounded and inspired by how beautiful the Colorado and Western Kansas plains can be (especially when dusted with snow), I have been thinking about a new body of work that I want to create. The intention is to explore the idea of small acts of love and compassion and figure out how to express these big emotions in a creative way.  I spent some time thinking about the motivations of love and kindness and what it is that drives it. I’ve been finding inspirations and ideas in some strange places lately–first, we recently watched a documentary called “Dragon Girl” which had some really profound bits of wisdom in it. I don’t have my notes but I will try and come back and edit this post to include some of the quotes I pulled from there.  One that did stick with me is “the children are very lonely these days”. The context made it just heartbreaking.

The second strange source of inspiration has been the second season of Serial. It’s currently focusing on the Bowe Bergdahl case and I have been struck by these glimpses of kindness he was shown in the midst of so much cruelty. Regardless of what you think of him or the case, it’s hard to listen when someone conveys the intensity of such hatred from one human being to the next.

And so, these ideas and references were rolling around in my head as we drove across the plains towards the mountains.


The thing I’m trying to tease apart now is how to convey the essence of these acts and these bits of tales creatively without building literal dioramas or using explicit props. I’m not opposed to the idea of using literal physical items but right now I want the work to have an airier, lighter feeling to it.


I also don’t know what medium I’m going to express this work in, whatever the outcomes. My initial inklings have been paint and canvas but I think some of them, at least conceptually, can lend themselves really well to fiber and stitching. So much of my work is procedure based and I have always found the act of hand stitching and embroidery to be very meditative–I think that it could be a really interesting thing to explore what happens when I, as an artist, meditation on compassion or my views of compassion while working.

It might be a little esoteric for my taste in the end but that’s where I’m leaning right now. There’s also a nice contrast between the act of sewing (which can be seen as violent or at least aggressive with the piercing and stabbing of fabrics) vs the subject matter I’m thinking about.

I don’t know what the next step is but I do know that I have plenty of work to be doing to prepare for my Next Big Thing (more on this later, I promise) and things in my not-artist’s life are picking up so I’m thinking that I’ll have some time to mull these ideas over.

That’s all for now–time to go get some yoga done and get ready for playing in the snow tomorrow!

Happy Arting!