“…the world is waiting…”

Buy the hardbound coffee-table book here! Partial proceeds go to Water.org and local charities to help support the vital resource that is water as well as our natural green spaces and places.


green scarf on transparent background
Silent Forest: Hand Dyed Silk Scarf

Beautiful hand-dyed silk scarf ready to be worn and loved any time of the year. 100% silk. Hand-dyed with love in Kansas City using professional-grade dyes. Will last for years to come! Great for those chilly fall and winter evenings … Read More

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Hand Dyed 100% Silk Scarf
Hand Dyed 100% Silk Scarf

Beautiful hand-dyed silk scarf inspired by sunrise at 12,000 feet while we were out exploring the wilds of the Colorado backcountry. Perfect for a mother’s day gift, gift for a graduate, self-care treat, or other special occasion item where you want to look and feel special. Enjoy!


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Monarch–Original Silk Painting and Mixed Media Collage
Monarch–Original Silk Painting and Mixed Media Collage

Meet the majestic pollinator that is the monarch butterfly. With their homes and food source under constant threat of survival, I wanted to bring the focus back to this beautiful and necessary member of our society. This piece is hand-dyed, hand-painted silk on a collaged, mixed-media background of handmade paper, window screening, canvas, and raw silk.


it’s 24″ x 24″ and ready to hang on your wall.

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The Gallery of Lost Things: Hardbound Coffee Table Book
The Gallery of Lost Things: Hardbound Coffee Table Book

Experience The Gallery of Lost Things from wherever you are—this beautiful, full-color, hardbound coffee table book gives you a deep dive into the processes and a “behind-the-scenes” look at the artwork, the artist, as well as awe-inspiring aerial and on-site photography by the talented Benjamin James.  Partial proceeds from each sale will go to benefit Water.org, a powerful non-profit working globally and locally to preserve and protect our world’s most precious resource—water.

As a fiber artist, the value of water is not lost on me. I rely on fresh, clean, water to dye fabrics, clean my tools, and keep the coffee pot going strong. On a serious note, however, water is a vital and crucial resource that must be respected and preserved in our day and age of industrialization and globalization. Purchase a book today for yourself as well as for your friends and family and support the arts in your community while multiplying your impact.

Pre-order today and save $5!

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Opening Reception Information:


Join us on Friday, July 12th for the opening reception of “The Gallery of Lost Things”, an installation and sensory experience presented by New Element gallery and artist Larissa Uredi. We’ll have food, music, friends and hours of entertainment.

Meet The Musicians And Artists!


Rick Kloog is a student and a musician of the handpan, an instrument so unique that there are only a handful in the Kansas City area. As former drummer and a music engineer for over a decade, the handpan offered a natural rhythm with the additional challenge of composing melody; its sounds first enchanted him in 2011. Since then, he has played for countless yoga practices, meditations, retreats, and events. His playing has taken him to Greece, Spain, Hawaii and other parts of the United States.