Traveling and Gaining Some New Perspectives

So, beginning in June of 2015, I embarked on a new 3-ish month long journey and I’m hoping to capture some of the beauty, insanity and perspectives for friends both near and far as well as for myself.

Before I launch into this whole trip, however, I’m going to give you a little backstory. It’s one thing to talk about travel and new adventures as “life-changing” or “transformative” and it’s another thing to actually see it for yourself. As I look back on my journals and writings from my first long-term adventure, I realize exactly how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed as a person. Most of it has been for the better. The other thing I’m beginning to get a sense of and tease apart is how very different these two experiences are going to be. When I left the first time, I desperately needed to prove myself–to myself. I needed to know that I could survive, that I was capable of standing on my own two feet and to find my voice, in every sense of the word.

This time around however, things feel a little different. I feel freer and less compelled to prove to the world that I can stand on my own two feet. Not that I won’t and don’t have some things to work on and sort out but it feels good to know that this time around I don’t have invent myself and become a person.

And so, with my art journal and a set of watercolors in hand, I’m looking forward to capturing the imagery, scenery, colors and textures of the cities and places that I visit!  Wish me luck (c: