What’s in a journal?

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So I subscribe to the lovely newsletter put out by Austin Kleon every week. It’s one of the few ones that I hold on to (which is saying a lot actually) and when this came through, I knew I had to share it.


I’m going to be honest–I suck at actually drawing in my journal. I can put together a mean to-do list, journal about my day or frustrations or joys, draw diagrams or layouts for things like a fiend but if you were to ask me to show you a drawing I’d done recently or show you some of my work….I end up having to say “well, I don’t have anything on me at the moment” etc.


I have a lot of guilt over this lack of using my journal/sketchbook for, ya know, sketching…but on the other hand, it’s as close as I come to having a space where I’m not performing for someone or something and I can literally say anything I want. When I’m in the mood or feeling the need to really be myself words tend to suit me better than pictures. I’ve often believed that this underlying tendency is why I doubt myself as a visual artist from time to time (most of the time? let’s be real) but it’s also what keeps me all together and moving forward. So, I let it be what it will.


All of that to say that I am very intrigued by the idea of building back the habit of drawing, capturing and sketching on a more regular basis in real life. I’ve tried in the past but after reading Kleon’s perspective on it, I feel like I have a new approach to the whole idea. I’m hoping that it’ll be a way for me to grow and expand as a visual artist while also maturing in my process and realizing that drawings can be just for me, too.


It is with a slight grin that I add that you can watch my experiments with this idea by following me on instagram and looking for the hashtags #100daysproject and #100daysof10